Lake Interlochen is a private 12-acre lake with five channels--North Channel, Middle Channel, South Channel, West Channel and Old Channel. There are nearly three miles of shoreline and 1.4 linear miles of water with a maximum depth of 15 feet.  This lake is part of the rainwater drainage system serving northwest Arlington.  Because of foresight of the developer, this drainage system is a source of aesthetic beauty as well as being used for boating, swimming, and fishing.  A pump and overflow system are required to keep the lake at the proper level.  The pump is located on City of Arlington property in Bob Findlay Linear Park.  Subsurface pipes carry water from the pump to the lake’s channel network when water levels fall.  Other subsurface pipes carry water from the lake to the flood plain when water levels rise due to rainfall.

There are 140 waterfront residences and another 126 residences located off the water throughout the 107-acre neighborhood.